Sunday, 1 November 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Bag 2nd Edition | Review

I've spent so long living with the maxim 'don't half-arse anything' that I'm not sure I could even recognise what that means any more. It's probably why I ended up spending £25 on a makeup bag. A 'designer' makeup bag. My first proper 'adult' makeup bag. Because if you're going to store, transport or use makeup then you should do it properly, right? That, alongside the fact that I've had an obsession with the design of makeup bags since I can remember.

So when I tentatively ordered the Charlotte Tilbury 2nd Edition makeup bag from the John Lewis website (it's online only so don't try finding it among the beauty counters of the department stores) I immediately began to backtrack. Only after I had hit the button did I read the review threads discussing a 'putrid plastic smell', a 'tacky, plastic exterior' and a 'small interior'. I also discovered the fact that the latest (3rd Edition) Charlotte Tilbury makeup bag is out this Christmas.

It was a relief to say the least when the (impenetrably packaged) said bag arrived, sans plastic odour and with enough space for not one but several foundations. With a dainty star shape topped zipper and the message 'Give a woman the right make-up & she can conquer the world' emblazoned on the back, this is a nice medium sized, medium priced makeup bag. Not the sort to sit easy on your cosmetics counter, as it is thin and falls over easily, but I will be using this for years to come.

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