Saturday, 19 December 2015

Winter Snapshots 2015 | 6 Sleeps 'til Christmas

Some Christmas ginger parkin/bread baking; definitely not baked by me, as I bake so rarely that anything I turn out is either rock hard, batter soft or burnt. Also, totally recommended for those with braces (*insert irony here).

Lindt, the best advent calendar in the world (maybe) :)

My attempt at winter home decor. Spot the patriotic Scottish stag cushion; it is reminiscent of Skyfall to my eyes. That and its equally aesthetic majestic masterpiece hare sibling, go some way to assuage my guilt that I have only ever visited Scotland once, despite my ancestry.

And finally, possibly the laziest attempt at a first Christmas tree ever. Yeah...the penguin is actually one of my favourite decorations as it is possibly the most seasonally appropriate of the lot. That and the fact that it is about as close as I'll get to wearing a scarf this month if the weather continues to be as unacceptably spring-like as it is currently.

Finally, a tad splattering of housekeeping; at risk of this becoming a beauty and makeup related space, look out for a winter skincare blog post in the foreseeable future (as in within the forthcoming week and before Christmas Day 2015 is upon us) X

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