Thursday, 31 December 2015

Winter Skincare Routine | Product Reviews 2015

To find products that work for dry, dehydrated, and/or sensitive skin is a task to say the least. This winter in London, with its schizophrenic rain/wind/mild nature, has been typically difficult on my skin  to say the least. Nonetheless, I have continued on in pursuit of a workable winter skincare routine that stops my skin looking tired/dull/red/dry/blotchy throughout the festive season. Here are a few that have helped along the way:

Vitamin E Moisture Cream - if I could live in a warehouse of this stuff I would. The best for medium moisturising coverage for sensitive skin.

Simply Pure Naturally Radiant Eye Cream - gotta tackle those fine lines!

Vitamin E Hydrating Toner - evens out skin tone between cleansing and moisturising.

Simply Pure Hydrating Serum - my discovery of serums this winter has probably saved my skin the most. With thanks to Sali Hughes blog for the mention of the affordable Superdrug skincare brand Simply Pure.

Vitamin E Cream Cleanser - proper cleansing is more essential than I give it credit. Read skincare guru Caroline Hirons blog for why you should irrefutably never resort to makeup wipes:

Thank you for reading and watch this space for another beauty post soon! X

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